Taciturn web developer, indolent photographer, furious sleeper, aspiring (i.e shit) writer, prospective Siberian Forest cat breeder and first cousin once-removed to Richard Dawkins. Dictionary atheist, with no part in the soap opera. One part classical liberal to one progressive. Shameful crush on Zooey Deschanel’s bangs. Incorrigible name-dropper. Mouth generally closed, but ears open.

Fascinated by causes and effects of human nature, morality, identity etc. Lazy grazer of neuroscience, evolutionary biology, psychology and bits of philosophy (especially ethics and philosophy of mind).

Dislikes: New Age toss, religious privilege, Gwyneth Paltrow’s hot chocolate.

Site runs like pitch due to being hosted on an elderly Dell that feeds through a pipe full of used cat fur.

List of achievements below.

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